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Founded in 1999, Vieworks has been actively serving digital imaging markets with its distinguished vision technologies.

Vieworks' innovative machine vision cameras are adopted and used in a variety of industrial applications including industrial automation and inspection, aerial imaging, surveillance, science and research.

The industrial camera solutions are designed and built to provide customers with higher resolution, wider dynamic range and faster frame speed. This is realised by accumulated know-how and technologies such as precision opto-mechanics technology and imaging signal processing technology as well as electronics design and software development technology.

Vieworks VNP - Pixel Shift camera with thermo-electric Peltier cooling
  • Pixel shift camera with extremely high resolution on Nano level
  • Thermoelectric Peltier (TEC) cooling
  • Extended resolutions up to 260 Megapixels
  • True colour full image resolution
Vieworks VP - High performance Machine Vision cameras with thermoelectric Peltier (TEC) cooling
  • High performance Machine Vision cameras
  • Thermoelectric Peltier cooled
  • Provides stable operating conditions
  • Allows for long time exposures to increase camera sensitivity
Vieworks VN - Pixel Shift cameras designed for extremely high resolution
  • Pixel Shift cameras designed for applications with stationary objects requiring an extremely high resolution
  • Advanced Nano Stage Pixel Shift technology
  • Extended resolutions up to 260 Megapixels
  • True Color full image resolution

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File Topics Size
Vieworks VA High Speed Cameras Data sheets 2.1 MB
Vieworks VC 12/VC 25 Data sheets 1.9 MB
Vieworks VC 12MX-M/C 180 Data sheets 1.5 MB
Vieworks VC High Speed CMOS Cameras Data sheets 1.9 MB
Vieworks VH GigE Programmable Cameras Data sheets 1.5 MB
Vieworks VH Programmable Cameras Data sheets 2.8 MB
Vieworks VN Pixel Shift Cameras Data sheets 2.0 MB
Vieworks VP Peltier Cooled High Speed Cameras Data sheets 1.7 MB

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Highspeed with CoaXPress


Vieworks introduces the first VC-12MX models with CoaXPress interface.

High speed 12 megapixel industrial camera


The new Vieworks VC-12M-65 industrial camera combines high resolution with fast frame rates. Featuring the latest 12 megapixel (4096 × 3072) global shutter CMOS sensor from CMOSIS, these monochrome or colour cameras produce high quality images at frame rates up to 65 fps for applications such as PCB inspection, automated optical inspection machines, 3D inspection, scientific imaging and many others.

Vieworks pixel shift machine vision camera provides 260 million pixel resolution


The Vieworks VNP-29MC CameraLink industrial vision cameras utilise pixel shift technology to offer an extended resolution of 260 million pixels for ultra high resolution applications. These versatile cameras from STEMMER IMAGING also deliver 29 megapixel resolution at a high frame rate of 5 fps under standard operation.

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