Vision technology for the food, beverage and packaging industry


Testing with absolute reliability

Vision technology for the food and beverage industry

With high-​precision imaging, the food & beverage industry tests even hard-​to-inspect products with absolute reliability. The result: 100% quality and ever-​growing productivity.

As Europe's leading provider of machine vision technology and services STEMMER IMAGING has extensive experience working with world leading equipment manufacturers, systems integrators and end volume end users in many aspects of food production from automated harvesting, processing, sorting and portioning right through to validating the packaging and labels before shipment.

Dual-band SWIR line scan camera reveals ‘hidden’ vision data


The new Wave series of dual-band line scan cameras from JAI operate in the Short Wave InfraRed (SWIR) region of the spectrum. The WA-1000D-CL simultaneously acquires and precisely aligns images from SWIR light between 900 and 1400 nm on one sensor and from 1400 nm to 1700 nm on the second sensor, even when objects are moving at high speeds. This has the potential to enhance current machine vision systems by revealing information that can’t be seen when using just the visible and/or the near infrared light spectrum.

Temperature measurement fully integrated into automated inspection processes


STEMMER IMAGING has developed a subroutine for the Sherlock machine vision environment that allows fully calibrated temperature measurements from an LWIR camera to be seamlessly included in machine vision measurements.

Line scan technology even further extended - New colour TDI cameras


With the addition of the first colour TDI (Time Delay Integration) line scan cameras for machine vision from Teledyne DALSA, STEMMER IMAGING continues to offer the widest range of line scan technology. This enables us to work in partnership with customers to provide successful line scan solutions in the most challenging imaging projects.

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